Absorb-It Pads, Socks, Pillows & Rolls

ABSORB-IT Ultra Absorbent Pads are a unique product that soak up spills and leaks quickly and easily. ABSORB-IT PADS features 100% solid, natural fiber construction. ABSORB-IT PADS absorb up to 25 times their weight in oil, solvent, paint, fuel, antifreeze, etc.

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Activate A - product code #1086

ACTIVATE is SUPERCO's environmentally safe and pH balanced organic formula powerful enough to instantly emulsify tar, asphalt, crude oil, grease, etc. without the hazards associated with most solvents. ACTIVATE degreases, deodorizes and cleans with unbelievable power and at the same time keeps up with today's environmental and safety regulations.



ACTIVATE is SUPERCO's environmentally safe and pH balanced organic formula powerful enough to instantly emulsify tar, asphalt, crude oil, grease, etc. without the hazards associated with most solvents. ACTIVATE degreases, deodorizes and cleans with unbelievable power and at the same time keeps up with today's environmental and safety regulations.
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Armor-Seal Undercoating

ARMOR-SEAL Frame & Chassis Undercoating is a semi-permanent, high-strength rubberized polymer blended undercoating that you can apply in your own shop, with your own people. ARMOR-SEAL is sodium, magnesium, and calcium chloride resistant. ARMOR-SEAL helps extend the life of your fleet by preventing corrosion and rust that are common in wet winter weather.
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Asphalt Release - product code #5188

SUPERCO's amazing asphalt release product is an environmentally safe alternative to diesel fuel. A suspension containing a stable high temperature soy bean derivative that will resist burning and coat the bed of the asphalt delivery truck allowing for easy and complete removall of the hot asphalt from the bed of the delivery truck. Can also be used on shovels and tools.


Additive to make Asphalt Release dilutable


Battery Acid Cleaning Wipes - product code #7468

BATTERY ACID CLEANING WIPES are easy to use and effective. These wipes will clean corrosion and other contaminates from batteries and terminals without the hassle of using messy sprays or gels. BATTERY ACID CLEANING WIPES use a unique color indicator formula will turn from blue to pink in presence of acid, then back to blue
once the acid is neutralized. The neutralizing fluid on the wipes does not cause foaming action, and leaves a clean protective barrier on the terminals and contact areas.



Battery Terminal Sealer- product code #1156

Battery Terminal Sealer is a flexible, non-tacky, dust resistant, translucent coating designed to insure long lasting protection for your vehicle's battery. BATTERY TERMINAL SEALER will not crack, peel, flake or chip over a wide temperature range (-40° F to +175° F). BATTERY TERMINAL SEALER seals and protects not only battery terminals but also the cables, clamps, hold-downs and the battery case itself. Protect your power system against the effects of weather, corrosion, harsh detergents, and acids simply by spraying entire system with BATTERY TERMINAL SEALER. Can be easily removed with solvent or mineral spirits. Meets Military Specs: MIL-C-16173D-GRADE 4 & MIL-C-83933A. (aerosol).



Bio-Dry A -
product code #4007

Non-chlorinated fast drying brake parts cleaner (aerosol)


Bio-Dry B - product code #2001

Non-chlorinated fast drying brake parts cleaner (gallons)



Bio-Dry Pump - product code #4107

Non-chlorinated fast drying brake parts cleaner

Break-Away - product code #1604

BREAK-AWAY is a non-flammable penetrating lubricant used by factories, truck lines, delivery services, transit systems, schools, machine shops, service stations, airlines, air maintenance shops, industrial plants, oil rigs, hotels/motels and general industries to lubricate, free rusted and frozen parts and also to displace moisture to extend the life of equipment that is open to the environment. BREAK-AWAY contains PTFE which provides microscopic lubrication as well as a protective Teflon barrier to inhibit rust and corrosion. (aerosol). (Not available in CA)


Bust A - product code #1616

BUST is a revolutionary product that features fast penetrating action and the power to break free rusted or seized parts. BUST also displaces moisture and is nonflammable and nonconductive making it the ideal penetrating lubricant. (aerosol). (Not available in CA)


Commando - product code #1015

COMMANDO is a unique aerosol polish and finish specially formulated for use on vehicles, autos, trucks, or marine finishes. COMMANDO produces an extraordinary, deep, lustrous shine that will not harm any finish. COMMANDO's special blend of Carnauba Wax and DuPont Teflon protects your vehicle against harsh weather conditions. COMMANDO makes waxing fast and easy.


Concrete & Mortar Dissolver - product code #7255

CONCRETE AND MORTAR DISSOLVER is your non-acid alternative to dissolving cured cement, concrete, mortar grout, and even stucco. Can be used in many applications including, Ready Mix Concrete Companies, Mason Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Paving Contractors, and Tool & Equipment Companies. CONCRETE AND MORTAR DISSOLVER can be used to clean tools, clothing, mixing truck beds, patios & decks, and trucks & trailers. This 100% Biodegradable product will not harm paint, metal or wood!

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Containment Control / Trucker Spill Kit

Be Prepared for emergencies with Superco Containment control Universal/Hazmat spill kits. Our kits contain all the spill control absorbent materials you will need for quick spill response. These ready to use pre-assemble spill kits contain all that you will need, each will help you in the workplace whether you're dealing with oils, solvents, coolants or water.
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Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel

This anti-gel additive for diesel fuels and all grades of heating fuel oil reduces the pour point to keep them flowing to engines and boilers in cold weather. It also modifies the shape and structure of wax crystals as they form in the cold oil, preventing the clogging of lines and filters.
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Dual Absorb-It - product code #7211

Biologically active absorbent. Absorbs all hydrocarbons, also neutralizes and absorbs acid spills.

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Dual Absorb-It - product code # 721141

DUAL ABSORB-IT Absorbent Material is a unique product that absorbs up to 6 times its weight in oil, solvent, paint, fuel, antifreeze, etc., DUAL ABSORB-IT encapsulates the spill and begins to biodegrade the hydrocarbons. Where 100 pounds of clay type "kitty litter" absorbent will only pick up 60 pounds of oil, 100 pounds of DUAL ABSORB-IT will absorb and encapsulate 600 pounds of oil, solvents, fuel, etc.. (bulk)


Electra Protecta - product code #1024

ELECTRA PROTECTA is designed to protect electrical connectors and terminals from water, dirt, wind, airborne particles, and other natural elements. ELECTRA PROTECTA is an elastomeric compound that will inhibit bacterial attack and fungus growth. This can be a great benefit when humidity is a factor. (aerosol)


Enhance - product code #5014

Aluminum Cleaner & Brightener


Extra - product code #5187

Earth Friendly Solvent Cleaner (bulk)

Formula 85 A - product code #1082

FORMULA 85 A Metal Parts Protector & Rust Preventer coats metal parts to provide indefinite indoor protection and long lasting outdoor protection against rust and corrosion. FORMULA 85 A will dry to a transparent amber color that protects metals from high humidity and salt spray. Can be used on all metal surfaces. FORMULA 85 A is a long term, flexible, non-tacky, dust resistant coating that will not crack, peel flake, or chip over a wide temperature range (-40°F to 175°F). (aerosol)

Freeze-It-Up - product code #1171

FREEZE-IT-UP is the latest breakthrough in penetrating lubricant technology. FREEZE-IT-UP is a powerful combination of rapid freezing action coupled with an advanced "rust-eating" formula that easily releases seized or rusted parts. FREEZE-IT-UP's rapid freezing action actually shrinks parts and quickly breaks open micro-fine fissures which allow the lubricant to easily penetrate even the toughest rust. (aerosol)


Fuel Aid Plus

All types of engines run clean and more efficient with the help of this additive. Special detergents remove clogging deposits from fuel-injector systems and clean away the gum and corrosion deposits from fuel tanks and carburetors. It also lubricates cylinder walls and eliminates severe wear of fuel-delivery systems. It works with all vehicles, including those with catalytic converters and computer-controlled engines.
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Graffiti Buster - product code #1110

GRAFFITI BUSTER Graffiti Remover is a very unique product. This advanced formula has the power normally associated with harsh chlorinated solvents, but without the adverse and unpredictable results common to many of these products. GRAFFITI BUSTER is a fast and easy solution to vandalism on road signs and will not damage or dull the reflectivity of these signs. Use GRAFFITI BUSTER to remove ink, pen marks, tape, glue, tree sap and graffiti from Plexiglas windows and shields and vinyl and leather seats found at schools, ice hockey rinks, racquetball courts, on golf carts, in school buses, sports arenas, playgrounds, trash receptacles, etc. Use GRAFFITI BUSTER where other products have failed or proved to be damaging to the vandalized surface.


Graff-X - Earth Friendly Graffiti Remover

GRAFF-X is an Earth Friendly, Heavy Duty Graffiti and Paint Remover that is excellent for removing crayon, magic marker, ink, tar, glues, sticker residue, gum, adhesives, grease, oil, and tire marks. GRAFF-X is also excellent for cleaning spray equipment, removing paint and tar from automobiles, and cleaning tools. GRAFF-X works extremely well on all hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, lexan, glass, brass, chrome, marble, and tile. Use GRAFF-X on Buses, Trains, Bridges, Road Signs, Walls, Sport Centers, Schools, City Buildings and wherever unwanted markings may exist.
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Grip A - product code #4009

Earth Friendly Belt Dressing (aerosol)

High Gloss - product code #1139

No-Wipe Tire Dressing (aerosol)

Hurricane B - product code #5024

HURRICANE is a powerful, concentrated, New-Age cleaner. HURRICANE is effective for cleaning the toughest soils. Grease, grime, carbon, oil, soap scum, soot, you name it, are no match for HURRICANE. Safe on any surfaces, HURRICANE is mild to use yet powerful enough to remove stubborn soils, and will not etch glass. HURRICANE actually turns grease and oil into a biodegradable soap so you do less work! HURRICANE is super-concentrated and can be diluted up to 100:1. (bulk)



Hurricane A - product code #1069

HURRICANE is a powerful, concentrated, New-Age cleaner. HURRICANE is effective for cleaning the toughest soils. Grease, grime, carbon, oil, soap scum, soot, you name it, are no match for HURRICANE. Safe on any surfaces, HURRICANE is mild to use yet powerful enough to remove stubborn soils, and will not etch glass. HURRICANE actually turns grease and oil into a biodegradable soap so you do less work!r (aerosol)



Hurricane Q - product code #3028

Bi-Phase Safety Solvent Degreaser (bulk)



Hurricane II - product code #5142

Bi-Phase Safety Solvent (bulk)


Klean Shine - product code #5089

Concentrated Car Wash Soap (bulk)


Liqui-Grease - product code #4018

LIQUI-GREASE penetrates and lubricates difficult to reach surfaces, air cures within 2 minutes and sets up to an extra heavy duty grease that holds up under wide temperature extremes to 450°F and extreme pressure. Earth Friendly LIQUI-GREASE also withstands water, acids, high pressure and is highly rust resistant. By using LIQUI-GREASE your equipment will last longer and longer. New formula is VOC compliant in all 50 states. (aerosol)


Lubri-Dry A - product code #1028

LUBRI-DRI is a superior dry lubricant that will withstand hi-pressure and is suitable for use within a wide temperature range. This advanced formula contains tiny particles of Colloidal Molybdenum Disulfide that average less than one micron in size. This thin, grayish-black film adheres well to all metals, most plastics, glass and rubber and provides excellent lubrication under extreme conditions. (aerosol)


Mechanic's Helper RTV Silicone

RTV Silicone Gasket Maker 3 oz. squeeze tube w/snip tip
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Natural - product code #2840

NATURAL is a combination body wash and shampoo with a Fresh & Clean scent. Experience multi-purpose in a brand new way with NATURAL Hair & Body cleanser. The fresh-scented formula works equally as wonderful as a shampoo as it does a body wash. Our mild formula cleans well and leaves skin soft and smooth. The unique whole-body cleanser contains rich emollients and skin conditioners it cleanses and conditions hair while keeping skin soft and revitalized. Hair and skin dry from the effects of the environment are left clean, conditioned and refreshed. Combines shampoo, conditioner & body wash in one. Quickly cleanses and conditions hair and body. Leaves both hair and body feeling and smelling fresh and energized.

Neutralize A - product code #1011

NEUTRALIZE is designed to clean and protect batteries. A color indicator is included to assist in detecting leaks. Battery Terminal Cleaner eliminates corrosion buildup and provides a residual corrosion preventive coating. NEUTRALIZE is ideally suited to use on batteries in fleet cars, trucks, busses, golf carts, fork lifts, construction and agricultural equipment. NEUTRALIZE is a yellow foam that turns red in the presence of battery acid. NEUTRALIZE cleans, neutralizes and protects to help insure long battery life. (aerosol)


Nut-Buster Cherry- product code #1794

NUT-BUSTER CHERRY is a unique, 4-in-1 penetrating lubricant designed for the professional mechanic. This remarkable formula does the four important things necessary for a penetrant to work well. NUT-BUSTER displaces moisture, cuts through grease & grime, creeps and climbs parts by using its strong capillary action and breaks loose seized and rusted parts. Without these capabilities a penetrating lubricant will not work in all situations where parts are rusted, greasy and/or wet. NUT-BUSTER not only works better than other penetrating sprays, it also features a pleasant cherry fragrance. (aerosol).

Patch-It-Plastic - product code #7111P

PATCH-IT PLASTIC is the most convenient and useful plastic repair material ever developed. This product is a fast setting polymer compound that enables permanent repairs to all major plastic types except polyolefins(poluethylene/polypropylene). It also bonds to metal, wood, glass, and masonry. Each stick contains pre-measured portions of activator and base throughout - no measuring or mixing tools are necessary. As the epoxy is mixed, the two contrasting colors blend into one color to indicate complete mixing. PATCH-IT PLASTIC epoxy contains a fading blue dye and becomes white after mixing.


Pen-Trait Plus
- product code #1093

PENTRAIT PLUS Penetrating Oil is an advanced formula that combines deep penetration with long lasting lubrication. PENTRAIT PLUS is fortified with Teflon and molybdenum disulfide, the two most advanced solid lubricants. These materials are added to a blend of petroleum oils and penetrating agents to provide fast action and excellent power to loosen rusted or corroded part. PENTRAIT PLUS preserves metal and protects these surfaces from rust, corrosion and moisture. The Teflon and moly added to the formula give superior lubrication that remains long after the oils evaporate. (aerosol)


Perma-Bond - product code #7090

PERMA BOND 3”x120” Pipe Repair Kit is a quick and easy permanent repair of all pipes. Can be used on Metal, Copper, Brass, Steel, PVC, Fiberglass, Plastics, Rubber Hose, and Cast Iron.

Perma-Patch Instant Repair Patch

PERMA-PATCH is a flexible and durable permanent repair patch that virtually fits around any angle. Available in 3 sizes, this industrial strength repair patch is resistant to extreme temperatures (-30°F to +500°F) and weather conditions. Resists corrosion, scratches and many chemicals. Cures in as little as 5 minutes in direct sunlight. Once cured, PERMA -PATCH can be sanded, painted or drilled as needed.
Available sizes...


Pressure Wash in a Can - product code #4033

PRESSURE WASH is a unique aerosol foam which enables simple and easy cleanup of tools, parts, workbenches, vent covers, machinery, coils, Industrial equipment, concrete & more! PRESSURE WASH sprays as an engulfing heavy duty foam that clings to surfaces and provides extended cleaning contact time. (aerosol)



Purple Power- Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

PURPLE POWER is a biodegradable concentrate cleaner that can be used for all difficult cleaning processes. This highly-dilutable cleaner and degreaser is great for general purpose cleaning, cleaning tough grease in kitchens, and can be used as a floor stripper. PURPLE POWER is non-flammable and non-hazardours, making it the ideal product for environmentally concerned, safety conscious buyers.
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Re-In-Force - product code #7091

RE-IN-FORCE is the most amazing repair material ever developed. This product combines super adhesion, steel-like strength and hardness, water and chemical resistance with ultra fast drying & curing. RE-IN-FORCE can be used underwater and in wet environments which makes it a good product for plumbers and pipe fitters. The work ability of this product makes it ideal for vehicle or facility repair shops. RE-IN-FORCE will bond to any type of metal as well as almost any other surface including glass, wood and many plastics.


Red Protecta - product code #1134

RED PROTECTA is a quick dry, flexible, non-conductive coating that insulates and protects electrical connections and equipment. RED PROTECTA quickly dries to a tough, glossy, flexible coating that protects electrical equipment against moisture and corrosion. RED PROTECTA's film resists cracking and chipping and exhibits high arc & high dielectric strength. Once dry, the surface resists current leakage insuring optimal efficiency of electrical equipment. RED PROTECTA strengthens and repairs worn out insulation and helps prevent short circuiting and flash-off.

Rescue Tape Silicone Repair Tape

Rescue Tape is SUPERCO Specialty Products' remarkable self-fusing silicone repair tape. Lab tested at 950PSI, Rescue Tape is the strongest and fastest-fusing self-fusing silicone repair tape on the market today.
Available in 6 colors...

RTV Silicone

RTV Silicone Adhesive/Sealant will bond, caulk, seal, fasten, insulate, protect and repair many types of materials. Because it is virtually unaffected by weather, temperature extremes, chemicals and aging, it offers unmatched performance even under the most severe operating conditions.
Available in ...



Rust Buster - product code #5942

RUST BUSTER removes rust from metal parts without scrubbing. This safe and effective formula will not harm surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, copper, and brass. RUST BUSTER is pH neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable. Simply clean rusty items to remove dirt and oils before submerging object in the liquid. Rust severity will determine soak time which can range from hours to overnight for stubborn deposits. Objects treated with RUST BUSTER can be towel dried or air dried and will resist flash rusting for weeks. (bulk) (4x1 gallons code #594241)


Seek - product code #3603

SEEK is a unique liquid leak detector with a special formula that stays where it is sprayed. Hundreds of bubbles are formed from the smallest leak, so leaks are detected almost instantly. SEEK is safe to use anywhere; it is non-corrosive, non-staining, non-toxic and non-flammable. It has been certified safe for use with oxygen.


Snug A- product code #1009

Anti-seize lubricant and seal (aerosol)


Snug BT - product code #7001

Brush anti-seize lubricating compound, non-melting up to 2100 degrees


Snug Copper- product code #8055

Copper Based Brush anti-seize lubricating compound, non-melting
up to +2000 degrees


Snug PA - product code #7107

Shoe polish type no mess applicator anti-seize lubricating compound, non-melting up to 2100 degrees


Soy Buster

SOY BUSTER is an extremely effective graffiti remover. Biodegradable and made from a renewable natural resource...Soy Beans! SOY BUSTER Graffiti Remover works extremely well on all hard surfaces such as; lexan, glass, brick, brass, chrome, marble, tile, etc. SOY BUSTER also removes paint, ink, tar and marking pen from vinyl seats, lexan or any surface susceptible to solvent damage.
Available in...


Soy Graffiti Wipes - product code #5151

SOY GRAFFITI & DEGREASING WIPES are a soy based, highly effective, low VOC, non-flammable bio-based and environmentally sound product. SOY GRAFFITI & DEGREASING WIPES are easy to use wipes that easily remove graffiti, magic marker, crayon, adhesive residue, lipstick, paints, scuff marks, stickers and more from hard non-porous surfaces. This aggressive easy to use system features a coarse yet non-abrasive texture that makes graffiti cleaning fast and easy. Safe on most plastics, Plexiglas and reflective signs, no other method of removing vandal's marks is as convenient as SOY GRAFFITI & DEGREASING WIPES.


Speed Bond - product code #7075

SPEED BOND is a fast setting, flowable, industrial grade epoxy adhesive that once mixed, this two component epoxy cures at room temperature and forms a clear, rigid, machinable bond line. When fully cured, SPEED BOND is resistant to chemicals and solvents, and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.


Spill Kit - product code #7176

The SPILL KIT transforms a liquid spill into an odorless, semi-solid mass for disposal. Effective for spills of blood, urine, feces, food and other malodor sources, this kit contains all the necessary items for clean up and disposal of spilled bodily fluids following the guidelines of OSHA and The Centers for Disease Control.
Each SPILL KIT contains:
•1 packet of ABSORBENT POWDER (absorbs up to 100x its weight)
•1 pair of disposable gloves
•2 disposable scoops with hand grips
•1 black disposable plastic bags
•1 red biohazard disposable plastic bag
•1 germicidal disposable wipe
•2 antiseptic disinfectant towelettes
•Instructions for clean up and disposal of spilled bodily fluids which follow the guidelines of OSHA and The Centers for Disease Control


Start A - product code #1101

Quick Engine Starts (aerosol)


Super CC A - product code #1018

Carburetor Cleaner (aerosol)

Super CC B - product code #5034

Carburetor Cleaner (bulk)

Super Coat A

SUPER COAT-A is a High Solid industrial coating with a low solvent, high quality and performance formulation, It has single coat hiding power, that saves time and money. One can covers the equivalent of four (4) economy brand low solids paint. SUPER COAT-A paints were tested best in corrosion protection against the competition by an independent laboratory. They have outstanding hardness and Durability, and resist abrasion and heat.
Available in...


Super Coat A Primer - product code #1431

SUPER COAT PRIMER is a sag-free primer that provides maximum rust and chemical protection. SUPER COAT PRIMER provides superior wear resistance and adhesion, and creates a strong base coat on bare metal and wood. Use with SUPER COAT-A High Solids Industrial Coatings.



Super-Fresh Hang-Ten

Concentrated Non-Liquid Air Freshener

Available in...


Super Glue - product code #7119

SUPER GLUE Industrial Strength Adhesive is a breakthrough in "Super-Glue" type products. This truly incredible formula bonds surfaces with a shear strength of up to 3000 PSI. This means that it would take in excess of 3000 pounds per square inch to break the hold of SUPER GLUE. With a wide temperature range of -65° F. to 175° F. This versatile adhesive can be used in all types of climates and on a variety of surfaces.


Super Pens

SUPER PENS are a uniquely designed pen that provides a highly visible mark with permanent oil based paint. The SUPER PEN offers a fast drying paint that can be applied to many surface types and materials, such as metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber and many other smooth and textured surfaces. The SUPER PEN has a unique valve action, replaceable medium point felt tip for precise use. The SUPER PEN works like a marking pen, but supplies the performance of paint.

Available in...



Super Shine - product code #5090

SUPERSHINE Concentrated Car Wash Detergent with Carnauba Wax is the same fantastic product as our KLEEN SHINE with the addition of Carnauba Wax to leave a protective shine on the vehicle. Our super-concentrated, bio-degradable, pH balanced formula provides superior sudsing and cleaning ability, even at dilution ratios up to 200:1, while at the same time being mild on the user. The Carnauba Wax added to the product brings out a nice shine without the need for buffing. (bulk)


Super Slide - product code #1056

SUPER SLIDE High Viscosity Silicone Spray is a product designed for many uses. SUPER SLIDE is a dry, invisible lubricant that also repels dust and moisture. This characteristic makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas like: sliding glass doors, entry doors and locks, hinges on doors and shutters, trash can wheels and lids, trash chutes and doors, restroom stall doors, etc. Use SUPER SLIDE to properly and safely maintain escalator skirts and elevator door sensors. SUPER SLIDE dries clear and will not adversely affect wood or painted surfaces. Use SUPER SLIDE to quickly waterproof areas like ignition systems, battery terminals, tools, guns, spark plugs, signs, etc. This spray is an easy solution to squeaking drawers and cabinets and can also be used on weather stripping and window guides. SUPER SLIDE's unique dry formula is perfect for any area where a greasy or oily lubricant is unusable or undesirable.


Super Steel - product code #1071

SUPER STEEL is a super tough coating containing 100% pure 316L Stainless Steel and an ultra durable acrylic binder. Protects metal from corrosion and deterioration caused by harsh chemicals, severe weather or abrasion. (aerosol)


Super Strip

SUPER-STRIP Multi-Purpose Stripper is a powerful paint and varnish remover that is also strong enough to remove graffiti from brick and concrete. SUPER-STRIP is fast and easy to use. The gel based formula clings to vertical surfaces allowing good contact time even on walls and ceilings. Simply spray surface to be stripped and wait. SUPER-STRIP does all the hard work for you.
Available in...


Super PTF Lube A - product code #1060

SUPER PTF LUBE is a chemically inert, non-oily, fast-drying lubricant and release agent made with an extremely fine Teflon ® fluorotelomer powder. This product features outstanding microscopic film-forming properties and resists temperatures from -100° F to +500° F. An odorless, stainless coating that is more slippery than silicone, graphite or oil. Excellent for reducing low speed friction. The dry film is not affected by most chemicals and when used as a release agent, allows parts to be painted without cleaning. (aerosol)


Tool Jewel - product code #1121

TOOL JEWEL is a cleaner and lubricating agent that is specifically designed for use with air powered tools and motors. TOOL JEWEL eliminates calcium buildup from moisture in air lines, dissolves sludge, dirt and dust accumulation, lubricates and protects all moving parts, and restores air tools to peak power and RPM's. Use TOOL JEWEL regularly for preventative maintenance to cut downtime and costly repairs. (aerosol)


Truck Bed Coating - product code #1073

TRUCK BED COATING is a thick, durable black sealant that forms a protective skin that is both tough and flexible. Protects against corrosion and abrasion, withstands impacts, provides improved traction, and resists water. With its fast cure time and excellent adhesion, TRUCK BED COATING is convenient to use and will greatly extend equipment and vehicle life expectancy. (aerosol)


The Assistant

Superco’s Multi-Use Cleaner. Effortlessly rub wet Assistant across stubborn stains and marks and watch them miraculously disappear. The Assistant removes set-in dirt & grime from any hard surface. Removes water stains & soap scum from tile. Also cleans leather seats and vinyl furniture, etc. Ideal for detailing, shining, and restoring hard smooth surfaces. Also great on chrome, brass, copper, glass, plastic, vinyl, leather, appliances and much more.
Available in...



Waterless Auto, Truck & Cart Wash - product code #3200

WATERLESS AUTO, TRUCK & GOLF CART WASH is a cutting edge product that gives a high shine on auto, truck, golf cart, or any vehicle or equipment surfaces with no water, no diluting, no rinsing, and no hoses and buckets. Simply spray on WATERLESS AUTO, TRUCK & GOLF CART WASH, wipe and buff to a brilliant shine leaving a micro- emulsion coating. (quarts)


Windshield Washer Tablets - product code #4203

Windshield Washer Tablets make 1 gallon of cleaning solution each and have amazing cleaning power, specially formulated to completely remove bugs, road film, dirt and grime; leaving windshields sparkling clean. Each tablet dissolves quickly to make one gallon of windshield washer solution. Each tube contains 25 tablets.


Winter Wax - product code #1137

WINTER WAX is a special blend of silicone and wax that provides a slick, nonstick coating that prevents ice and snow from sticking to plows, shovels and other snow removal equipment. Treated surfaces also become water and rust resistant. WINTER WAX’s coating provides superior release action and lubrication to reduce drag and sticking of many materials to metal and other surfaces. WINTER WAX helps increase the efficiency of snow removal, material handling, turf maintenance and road equipment. (aerosol)


WS Wash - product code #5097

Windshield Washer Concentrate (bulk)