Anti-Stat A - product code #1044

ANTI-STAT Anti-Static Spray eliminates static charges on rugs, carpets and upholstery. ANTISTAT is also used for computer areas & equipment. ANTI-STAT disperses static electricity slowly and safely. ANTI-STAT protects valuable data, eliminates annoying interruptions and prevents computer errors caused by static electricity. ANTI-STAT is nontoxic, non-staining and can be used on all carpets, rugs and upholstery as well as floors and hard cabinets, screens and other equipment. ANTI-STAT dries quickly to form an invisible antistatic coating.


Anti-Stat B - product code #5063

Anti-static compound (bulk)


Base Strip A - product code #4006

BASE STRIP Earth Friendly Baseboard Cleaner and Stripper is a natural based, super powered foam cleaner that contains d-limonene for quick removal of wax buildup, urine, mildew stains and other grease and grime from baseboards, corners, stairs, edges and ceramic wall tiles without removing paint. BASE STRIP emulsifies most types of floor finishes without any harsh chemicals, odors or risk of hazards to personnel or chemical pollution. (aerosol)


Buff-It B - product code #5031

BUFF-IT is a combination of high quality waxes and acrylics. BUFF-IT is designed to provide a very durable and high gloss finish to virtually any floor surface. Black marks created by heavy floor traffic can be easily buffed away. The original high gloss can be enhanced by spray buffing. (bulk)


Citra-Clean -product code #2003

Certified Nature Friendly All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser (bulk)

Concrete Floor & Crack Repair Kit - product code #6897

This concrete repair is stronger than concrete with the same bulk density and sets up in a fraction of the time for minimal downtime and traffic interruption. It's easy to mix and apply, requires no special personnel or equipment. Can be feathered for smooth and strong bond to concrete. It creates a permanent bond so the repair becomes part of the structure. Does not shatter; excellent for anchoring machinery and vibrating equipment as well as cracks.
INCLUDES: 40lbs Powder and 1 Gallon of Polyester Liquid.


Crystal View - product code #5069

CRYSTAL VIEW is a high-solids, high gloss polymer floor finish. Once applied, CRYSTAL VIEW provides exceptional shine and protection for all types of tiles and synthetic floors. CRYSTAL VIEW prevents black heel and rubber burn marks. Easy to maintain...just mop and allow to dry. (bulk)


Dri-Bright B - product code #5076

Carpet and upholstery shampoo, spin-dry method (bulk)


Dura Seal WB- product code #5175

DURA-SEAL-WB is a water-based sealer for hard surface floors and walkways. DURA-SEAL-WB shines and protects concrete, brick, slate, quarry tile and other masonry floors. It also resists gasoline, oil, hydraulic fluid, aromatic and aliphatic solvents. DURA-SEAL-WB also helps prevent pitting and dusting. One gallon of DURA-SEAL-WB covers up to 1,000 square feet and is non-toxic and nonflammable. (bulk)



Dura Shine B - product code #5046

DURASHINE Super High Gloss Floor Finish is possibly the finest product of its type. DURASHINE features 29% solids, anti-slip additives and a metallic interlock acrylic polymer. This advanced formula gives the user a long list of benefits plus a high level of durability. DURASHINE is self-leveling which means you simply mop the finish on the floor and let it dry for a high-gloss appearance. DURASHINE can be low or ultrahigh speed buffed which makes it an ideal product no matter what kind of equipment you may have. Each time DURASHINE is buffed the finish gets harder and harder which gives this product the ability to outlast most floor waxes by as much as 10 times.(bulk) (4x1 Gallons code 504641)



Dust-Out B - product code #5041

Dust Control & Wetting Agent -for body shops, warehouses, etc. (bulk)


Dust Treat A - product code #1029

DUST TREAT Dust Mop Treatment contains oil for magnetic dust pickup and cleans many surfaces. Quickly saturates a dust mop but evaporates slowly. Also use as a dust cloth treatment for small jobs. Leaves surfaces completely free of dust, lint and hair. Restores wood surfaces and leaves other surfaces shining. (aerosol)


Dust Treat B - product code #5039

Dust Mop Treatment (bulk)


ERASE quickly removes stains due to dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and blood. ERASE contains no solvents which might soften carpet backings. Leaves no residue. ERASE also contains additives which destroy odors due to urine, vomit and blood and leaves a fresh lemon-like fragrance. ERASE is an incredible product that works like magic, and is our number one product that creates repeated sales and satisfied customers.
Available in...



Finish B - product code #5051

Terrazzo Floor Sealer (bulk)


Guard B - product code #5016

Carpet Soil and Stain Barrier -scotch guard type (bulk)


Gum-Off A - product code #1033

Chewing Gum Remover -environmentally safe (aerosol)


Gym-Seal B - product code #5053

Oil-Modified Urethane Wood Floor Finish (bulk)


Hudini B - product code #5125

Enzymatic Spot Remover and Odor Controller (bulk)


Hudini Q - product code #3125

Enzymatic Spot Remover and Odor Controller (quarts)


Incredible Plus A - product code #4031

INCREDIBLE PLUS is a combination of emulsifiers, surfactants, enzymes and d-Limonene that act as a catalyst to breakdown and eliminate organic and inorganic soils and remove stains as well as the odors the leave behind. INCREDIBLE PLUS will not harm colorfast materials including delicate fabrics.

Lo-Foam B - product code #5047

Concentrated Defoaming Agent, controls foaming when shampooing carpets (bulk)


Red Out P - product code #7048

RED-OUT Kool Aid® and Food Dye Remover can clean carpets you that thought you would need to replace due to stubborn red stains. Spots from wine, cough syrup, fruit drinks, soft drinks, shoe polish and latex paint can be impossible to remove. Generally, carpets stained with these substances have to be replaced or dyed a darker color. Both of these courses of action are costly and time consuming. RED-OUT can save these doomed carpets 99 times out of 100. RED-OUT is a breakthrough in chemical cleaners and utilizes a heat-transfer process that is quick and easy. No special skills, tools or training is needed to remove stains even after months or years in the carpet. (pints)


Refresh - product code #7049

Deodorizing powders for carpets are not all the same. Of course there are many different fragrances from many different manufacturers but just how well do they do the job of controlling foul odors? RE-FRESH Carpet Deodorizer is a product designed to out perform all other types and brands. This unique product will masque foul odors embedded into carpets indefinitely without any extra effort whatsoever. Simply sprinkle RE-FRESH over the carpet a few minutes prior to each vacuuming and never worry about foul smells emanating from your carpets. No method of odor control could be easier or faster than RE-FRESH.


Renovate B - product code #5132

RENOVATE-B is a highly effective product that removes lime and cement stains from quarry tile, brick, block and flagstone surfaces; cleans mosaics, ceramic tile and bleaches grout. All surfaces will be clean and bright. Restroom floors in public facilities, schools, amusement parks, sports arenas and other institutions are good candidates for RENOVATE-B because of the high traffic and abuse. Use this innovative product where other products have failed or proved to be too time consuming to be practical. (bulk)


Strip-EZ B - product code #5043

STRIP-EZ concentrated floor finish remover will rapidly penetrate the new modern floor finishes and effortlessly remove the old accumulated deposits. STRIP-EZ is odorless and sudsless, and is safe for use on all floor surfaces including wood floors. STRIP-EZ is the first formulation that actually reconverts insoluble floor finish build-ups into a soluble solution that can be picked up with a mop without machine scrubbing. An exclusive combination of emulsifiers quickly and easily penetrates and disintegrates all brands of floor finishes for easy pickup with mops or wet vacuums. Relatively mild in its concentrated form, STRIP-EZ reduces hazard to the skin, clothing, floors, paints, etc. It is pleasantly scented and produces no objectionable odors.
(4x1 gallons code #504341)


Sheen B - product code #5062

Concentrated Rug Shampoo- dilute 1 ounce per gallon (bulk)

Super Buff - product code #5015

Spray Buff for Finished Floors (bulk)


Super Suds B - product code #5020

SUPER SUDS All Purpose Neutral Cleaner Concentrate is a remarkable product that is powerful enough to clean the toughest grease and grime yet not harm sensitive surfaces like wood, painted walls, fabrics, exotic stone floors, plastics, and finished or waxed floors. SUPER SUDS is highly concentrated to allow the user the ability to mix the product to perform any cleaning task. Environmentally safe, SUPER SUDS is also very user friendly, giving good cleaning power without the side effects common to alkaline detergents. If your concerned about harming the surface you need to clean, use SUPER SUDS.


The Assistant

Superco’s Multi-Use Cleaner. Effortlessly rub wet Assistant across stubborn stains and marks and watch them miraculously disappear. The Assistant removes set-in dirt & grime from any hard surface. Removes water stains & soap scum from tile. Also cleans leather seats and vinyl furniture, etc. Ideal for detailing, shining, and restoring hard smooth surfaces. Also great on chrome, brass, copper, glass, plastic, vinyl, leather, appliances and much more.
Available in...


Tile Kote - product code #5085

TILE KOTE will give long lasting protection to tile, metal, wood, masonry, and concrete surfaces. TILE KOTE is a tough, glass clear coating that provides excellent resistance to most chemicals and corrosive materials. Use TILE KOTE to protect your tile from the grease and grime that can make restroom and entry floors look dull and dirty. TILE KOTE also seals the grout area and keeps grease and grime out so your tile will always look great. After using TILE KOTE normal cleaning routines will restore your floor to like new condition. TILE KOTE is tough and durable. (4x1 gallons code #508541)