Battery Acid Cleaning Wipes - product code # 7468

BATTERY ACID CLEANING WIPES are easy to use and effective. These wipes will clean corrosion and other contaminates from batteries and terminals without the hassle of using messy sprays or gels. BATTERY ACID CLEANING WIPES use a unique color indicator formula will turn from blue to pink in presence of acid, then back to blue
once the acid is neutralized. The neutralizing fluid on the wipes does not cause foaming action, and leaves a clean protective barrier on the terminals and contact areas.


Chums - product code # 7222

Industrial heavy duty, pre-moistened hand cleaning towels.


Dazzle Towels - product code # 5109

DAZZLE GLASS CLEANING TOWELS make cleaning windows and glass the old way obsolete. You no longer need window cleaning equipment and squeegee's. Dazzle Towels instantly remove grease, dirt, oil, dust, water spots, fingerprints, smudges and smoke film from all glass surfaces and leaves them dazzling clean. 60 wipes per container, 8 containers per case.


Gleam Wipes - product code # 5117

Stainless steel polish and cleaner wipes


Insect Repellent Towels - product code # 7224

Insect Repellent Towels feature a water-based non-VOC product formulated to repel biting insects for up to 4 hours. Repels bloodsucking insect pests such as mosquitoes, black flies, fleas, ticks, chiggers, and sand flies. Convenient, easy-to-use pop-up wipes allow quick and thorough application to skin, hair, and clothing for maximum protection. Contains 25% DEET, the most effective biting-pest repellent on the market.



Gym Equipment & Cart Wipes - product code # 7894

Superco's GYM EQUIPMENT & CART WIPES are an effective way to clean gym equipment & shopping carts and maintain a clean, safe workout environment. GYM EQUIPMENT & CART WIPES can be used on all washable surfaces to clean away the sweat and grime left behind from a tough workout. GYM EQUIPMENT & CART WIPES are pre-moistened, disposable wipes that leave a clean fragrance. Application is made easy with no worry or wet over spray which can ruin expensive LED displays. Superco's GYM EQUIPMENT & CART WIPES are pre-moistened and remove sweat, body oils and dirt. GYM EQUIPMENT & CART WIPES are non-irritating, non-toxic and the non-abrasive formula is safe for hands.



One Step - product code # 7244

Grime gobbler, heavy-duty all-purpose cleaning towels with citrus scent


Rite-Off Towels - product code # 7141

Pre-moistened graffiti cleaning towels, aggressive texture, removes paints and ink from hard surfaces


Save Towels - product code # 7072

Armour-all type protector towels, cleans and protects


Shine Em Up Wipes - product code # 5115

Wood furniture polish and cleaner wipes


Soy Graffiti Wipes - product code # 5151

Soy based graffiti cleaning wipes


Steri Towels (alcohol formula) - product code # 7148

Hand sanitizing towels
70 per container – 6 containers per case


Steri-Towels-New - product code # 7895

STERI-TOWELS Convenient hand sanitizing towels are designed to eliminate bacteria from skin. This handy product is quick and easy to use and leaves a fresh clean scent on hands and skin. Within seconds, this effective sanitizing formula kills 99.99% of bacteria on skin. Unlike runny sanitizing gels STERI-TOWELS do not cause a mess. They're ideal when soap and water are not available. Plus each towel is fortified with an emollient to prevent chapping. Towels are made from a non-abrasive fabric that is gentle on hands.
70 per container – 6 containers per case


Steri Towels Handy Packs - product code # 7999

Hand sanitizing towels
25 per container – 12 containers per case


Superco Magic Chums

MAGIC CHUMS from SUPERCO are multi-purpose two sided wipes that are built for ultimate hand-cleaning performance. Using the same cleaning power as our MAGIC Hand Cleaner, MAGIC CHUMS towels will clean the toughest grease and grime from your hands and other surfaces.Large 110 count canister.
Available in...



Super Diamond Wipes - product code # 7425

Pre-moistened skin and surface cleaning towels. Safe on skin and sensitive surfaces. Can be used as a personal cleaning wipe. Ultra-soft fabric towelette.