Commando - product code # 1015

COMMANDO is a unique aerosol polish and finish specially formulated for use on vehicles, autos, trucks, or marine finishes. COMMANDO produces an extraordinary, deep, lustrous shine that will not harm any finish. COMMANDO's special blend of Carnauba Wax and DuPont Teflon protects your vehicle against harsh weather conditions. COMMANDO makes waxing fast and easy.


Duz It All - product code # 1090

DUZ-IT-ALL easily removes Graffiti, Dirt, Grime, Indelible Ink, Permanent Marker, Rust, Iron, Calcium Build-Up, Scale, etc. from Restroom Partitions, Desks, Lockers, Walls, Bus and Vehicle Vinyl Seats. DUZ-IT-ALL can be used on Enamel Surfaces, Metal, Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Tile, Vinyl, Formica, Rubber, Painted Wood, Glass, and Cement. DUZ-IT-ALL is an excellent cleaner for non-porous, enameled, and painted surfaces. DUZ-IT-ALL is easy to use, and cleans and polishes in one step.



Gleam-A - product code #1054

GLEAM Stainless Steel and Metal Polish is an excellent cleaner formulated for hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, locker rooms, restrooms, factories and institutional use. GLEAM cleans, brightens, polishes and protects stainless steel. Can be equally effective for use on aluminum, chrome, Formica, porcelain and ceramic tile. A minimum of effort is required to remove smudges, soil and stains quickly, no hard rubbing needed. It actually forms a shield that resists water marks and rusting. GLEAM is authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.


Gleam B - product code #5075

Stainless steel polish oil base.
Available in bulk or 4x1 gallons (code 507541)


Gleam WB Water Based Stainless Steel Polish

GLEAM-WB is the latest innovation for brightening and protecting metal. This unique product provides a water resistant surface which is non-greasy and non-yellowing. GLEAM-WB has a refreshing scent and contains no acids or abrasives. GLEAM-WB will not powder or create an ugly wax build-up. GLEAM-WB gives long lasting protection to stainless steel and many other hard surfaces such as porcelain, Formica, marble, enamel, wood and rubber. GLEAM-WB will quickly remove surface dirt and unsightly stains while leaving a dry, lustrous finish that resists fingerprints, water marks and grease stains.
(Available in...)



Gleam Wipes - product code # 5117

GLEAM WIPES are the latest innovation from Superco for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. GLEAM WIPES remove hard water stains and deposits, grease smudges, food residue and fingerprint smudges from virtually any stainless steel surface. While cleaning this formula also brightens, polishes and protects the surface with a clear coating that acts as a protective shield. GLEAM WIPES citrus based formula can also be used to clean other surfaces such as wood, formica, ceramic and porcelain. GLEAM WIPES remove stains, polish and brighten these surface to revitalize them and keep them looking great.


Lemon Shine A - product code #1042

Furniture polish with lemon, carnauba wax (aerosol)


Lemon Shine B - product code # 5057

Furniture polish with lemon oil (aerosol)


Marble & Granite Cleaner and Polish- product # 1520

MARBLE & GRANITE Stone & Hard Surface Cleaner & Polish is formulated for use on polished and sealed granite, marble, limestone and travertine. Great for daily use on tables, counter-tops, reception desks, restroom sinks, buffet stations, sinks, fireplace mantles and more. This biodegradable, easy to use spray polish cleans and conditions all fine hard surfaces. MARBLE & GRANITE restores brilliance to most polished surfaces. This remarkable product leaves a clean, fresh fragrance and is streak free.



Re-Vive A - product code # 1105

Wood cleaner and preservative, scratch remover,
new fresh lemon scent (aerosol)


Shine Em Up Wipes
- product code # 5115

Wood furniture polish and cleaner wipes


Shiney Bright - product code # 4017

Earth friendly all metal polish and cleaner, similar to,
but better than Brite Boy



Wenol Cans - product code # 7041C

Metal polish and cleaner

Wenol Tubes - product code # 7041T

Metal polish and cleaner