Acousta - Off White - product code # 1002

ACOUSTA is a three in one stain killer that seals and undercoats. Formulated to stop and control common stains on ceiling tiles and a variety of building materials. Can be used on acoustic ceilings, plaster, new wood, painted surfaces, galvanized metal, and rusty metal. Seals fire and water damage. (aerosol)




Acousta - White - product code # 1001

ACOUSTA is a three in one stain killer that seals and undercoats. Formulated to stop and control common stains on ceiling tiles and a variety of building materials. Can be used on acoustic ceilings, plaster, new wood, painted surfaces, galvanized metal, and rusty metal. Seals fire and water damage. (aerosol)




Armor-Seal Undercoating

ARMOR-SEAL Frame & Chassis Undercoating is a semi-permanent, high-strength rubberized polymer blended undercoating that you can apply in your own shop, with your own people. ARMOR-SEAL is sodium, magnesium, and calcium chloride resistant. ARMOR-SEAL helps extend the life of your fleet by preventing corrosion and rust that are common in wet winter weather.
(Available in 3 colors...)


Convert A - product code #4011

CONVERT-A Earth Friendly Rust Converter and CONVERT Liquid Rust Converter chemically eliminate rust, leaving a tough protective coating that prevents reoccurrence and prolongs the life of ferrous metal. Treated rust area dries to a black finish that may be painted after curing. Can be used in all weather conditions. (aerosol)



Convert Q -product code #3029

Rust converter USDA approved (bulk)


Cover-Up Asphalt - product code # 1983

COVER-UP ASPHALT is a unique asphalt based sealer and cover-up that saves time and money when changing or updating road stripes and parking lines. It's simple to use and very effective. No need to grind off the old paint. COVER-UP ASPHALT can be used on all asphalt surfaces and will provide a durable cover-up base coat that can be painted over when dry. COVER-UP ASPHALT is simple to use and covers with as little as one coat. Ideal for use as an edging primer or sealer for those hard to reach or small areas.



Cover-Up for Concrete - product code # 1436

COVER-UP is a new, time and money saving advance in Paint & Graffiti cover! It's simple to use and very effective - no need for a paint stripper! COVER-UP can be used on concrete surfaces, will provide a durable cover-upm even covers tough red-bleeders! COVER-UP is simple to use and covers with as little as one coat. This quick dry product is highly durable!

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Dura Seal WB
- product code # 5175

DURA-SEAL-WB is a water-based sealer for hard surface floors and walkways. DURA-SEAL-WB shines and protects concrete, brick, slate, quarry tile and other masonry floors. It also resists gasoline, oil, hydraulic fluid, aromatic and aliphatic solvents. DURA-SEAL-WB also helps prevent pitting and dusting. One gallon of DURA-SEAL-WB covers up to 1,000 square feet and is non-toxic and nonflammable. (bulk)



Duz It All - product code # 1090

DUZ-IT-ALL easily removes Graffiti, Dirt, Grime, Indelible Ink, Permanent Marker, Rust, Iron, Calcium Build-Up, Scale, etc. from Restroom Partitions, Desks, Lockers, Walls, Bus and Vehicle Vinyl Seats. DUZ-IT-ALL can be used on Enamel Surfaces, Metal, Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Tile, Vinyl, Formica, Rubber, Painted Wood, Glass, and Cement. DUZ-IT-ALL is an excellent cleaner for non-porous, enameled, and painted surfaces. DUZ-IT-ALL is easy to use, and cleans and polishes in one step.



Encase A - product code #1025

Pipe insulation, prevents condensation on pipes (aerosol)



FLEXI-COAT is a revolutionary product that simply put is a heavy-duty roof patching material in a can. FLEXI-COAT comes in black or white color to match any rooftop, RV, or siding. No more hauling 5 gallon buckets up to the roof for small jobs, just grab a can.
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Galvanize A - product code # 1070

Zinc Galzanizing Spray Coating(aerosol)


Graff-X - Earth Friendly Graffiti Remover

GRAFF-X is an Earth Friendly, Heavy Duty Graffiti and Paint Remover that is excellent for removing crayon, magic marker, ink, tar, glues, sticker residue, gum, adhesives, grease, oil, and tire marks. GRAFF-X is also excellent for cleaning spray equipment, removing paint and tar from automobiles, and cleaning tools. GRAFF-X works extremely well on all hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, lexan, glass, brass, chrome, marble, and tile. Use GRAFF-X on Buses, Trains, Bridges, Road Signs, Walls, Sport Centers, Schools, City Buildings and wherever unwanted markings may exist.
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Grit - product code # 7067

Non-skid additive used with Super-Kote and Dura-Seal


Guardian - product code #1219

GUARDIAN is a patented, nanotechnological, permanent non-stick coating. GUARDIAN incorporates a unique nano-polymer with an extremely high slip coefficient that both penetrates the structure and builds a non-stick film. GUARDIAN is single component, water-clear, UV stable, heat stable and has extreme chemical resistance. GUARDIAN forms both a mechanical and chemical bond to organic and inorganic substrates making it universal in its application. (aerosol)





Marking paint - All purpose - product code # 1005

20 oz inverted cap marking paint, VOC compliant
Available in: red, orange, green, yellow, pink, red-orange


Marking paint - Fluorescent- product code # 1007

20 oz inverted cap marking paint, VOC compliant
Available in: red, orange, green, yellow, pink, red-orange


Mechanic's Helper RTV Silicone

RTV Silicone Gasket Maker 3 oz. squeeze tube w/snip tip
(Available in Red or Blue...)

Painter's Choice - product code # 7495

PAINTER'S CHOICE is a painter's best buddy using crushed walnut shells to remove difficult paint. PAINTER'S CHOICE removes urethanes, oil based paints, adhesives, ink, putty, resins and sealers. It contains a soothing formula that leaves hands feeling soft.



Perimeter B - product code # 5147

Anti-graffiti coating (bulk)


Rite-Off Towels - product code # 7141

Pre-moistened graffiti cleaning towels, aggressive
texture, removes paints and ink from hard surfaces


RTV Silicone

RTV Silicone Adhesive/Sealant will bond, caulk, seal, fasten, insulate, protect and repair many types of materials. Because it is virtually unaffected by weather, temperature extremes, chemicals and aging, it offers unmatched performance even under the most severe operating conditions.
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Solidify - product code # 7484

Superco's SOLIDIFY offers an environmentally safe way to dispose of old latex paint. Using up all of your paint is always the best option, but that does not always happen. Most landfills will not accept latex or acrylic paint in liquid form so you need to dry-out your unused paint which takes a long time. Save time and money by using Superco's SOLIDIFY to turn your unused paint ito a disposable solid in minutes! It's also great for quickly containing job site paint and other liquid spills. (5 gal pail solidifies 110 gallons of paint)



Super Coat A

SUPER COAT-A is a High Solid industrial coating with a low solvent, high quality and performance formulation, It has single coat hiding power, that saves time and money. One can covers the equivalent of four (4) economy brand low solids paint. SUPER COAT-A paints were tested best in corrosion protection against the competition by an independent laboratory. They have outstanding hardness and Durability, and resist abrasion and heat.
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Super Coat A Primer - product code # 1431

SUPER COAT PRIMER is a sag-free primer that provides maximum rust and chemical protection. SUPER COAT PRIMER provides superior wear resistance and adhesion, and creates a strong base coat on bare metal and wood. Use with SUPER COAT-A High Solids Industrial Coatings.


Super Kote - product code # 7044

SUPER-KOTE is ideal for concrete, patios, pavement, terrazzo surfaces, asphalt, driveways, factory floors, and wood decks.. SUPER-KOTE is an acrylic low sheen, smooth or textured coating, that forms a very tough finish for all porous exterior or interior floor surfaces. It has an outstanding durability, its chemical and abrasive resistance assures excellent wear in extremely heavy traffic areas. It is highly resistant to "hot tire pickup", sunlight and moisture. SUPER-KOTE is free of lead and pollution free. When mixed with non-skid additive GRIT, SUPER-KOTE is a non-skid surface. SUPER-KOTE is for porous and properly prepared surfaces only.
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Super Shield - product code # 7489

PTFE Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating



Super Steel - product code # 1071

SUPER STEEL is a super tough coating containing 100% pure 316L Stainless Steel and an ultra durable acrylic binder. Protects metal from corrosion and deterioration caused by harsh chemicals, severe weather or abrasion. (aerosol)




TRACTION is a spray on epoxy coating containing a synthetic grit to increase traction on slippery surfaces. Use anywhere slip hazards exist to reduce potential liabilities and personal injury due to slippery surfaces. TRACTION's quick-drying formula adheres to wood, concrete, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, etc. indoors and outdoors. TRACTION's texture will not cut wet feet or hands. Covers 24 sq. ft. per can (aerosol)
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Truck Bed Coating - product code #1073

TRUCK BED COATING is a thick, durable black sealant that forms a protective skin that is both tough and flexible. Protects against corrosion and abrasion, withstands impacts, provides improved traction, and resists water. With its fast cure time and excellent adhesion, TRUCK BED COATING is convenient to use and will greatly extend equipment and vehicle life expectancy. (aerosol)



Winter Wax - product code #1137

Winterizing wax (aerosol)