Ab-sorb J - product code # 7034

Super-Absorbent Deodorizer specifically formulated to absorb, solidify & deodorize potentially hazardous liquids and spills. Use for blood, urine, vomit and chemical spills.




Auto Vape-90 - Automatic Deodorizer System

AUTO VAPE-90 is the world's first 90 day vapor based room deodorizer system. This innovative new type of automatic room deodorizer uses the latest Vapor technology to deliver powerful and effective odor control to restrooms, storage closets, common areas and public areas where odors can be a problem. AUTO VAPE-90 uses no metal cans, no propellants, no isobutane and less packaging giving this product a reduced carbon footprint.. Use with AV-90 Fully programmable dispenser. (Available in 2 scents...)


Attack Q - product code # 3007

ATTACK Mildew and Algae Stain Cleaner is a no scrubbing, hassle free solution to stubborn mildew stains. Anywhere there is water, mildew and algae will form and create one of the most difficult stains to clean and remove. Many sprays will claim to kill mildew but most will not help after the algae has formed. ATTACK is a heavy duty cleaner that removes the toughest mildew and black algae without the need for scrubbing. ATTACK has proven to be effective even in humid climates found in the eastern and southern states where these stains can be even more difficult to remove. Use ATTACK where other products have failed to demonstrate the value of this unique formula. (quarts)





Bahama Breeze • Tropical Breeze

BAHAMA & TROPICAL BREEZE are new, different and unique solutions to the problem of foul odors. BREEZE clings and sticks to any surface, even vertical and upside-down areas. BAHAMA & TROPICAL BREEZE are not space sprays. This remarkable new formula is a jelled odor ELIMINATOR that sticks where you spray it then freshens and deodorizes for long periods of time. As BREEZE takes care of your odors the jell slowly disappears! The non-staining formula is ideal for use anywhere odors are a problem. Eliminates smoke odors, urine, feces, decay, stale and rancid odors. Use BAHAMA or TROPICAL BREEZE on air conditioning and HVAC filters to efficiently treat large rooms and offices for long periods of time.. (aerosol)
(Available in 2 scents...)




Control II Mint - product code # 5176

Liquid alive bacteria, grease trap and drain maintainer
55 gallon drum only


D.C.D.A. Citrus Total Release - product code #1253

Surface disinfectant spray fogger, deodorizes and kills germs, citrus fragrance, treats 6000 cubic feet (aerosol)

D.C.D.A. Linen Total Release - product code #1253L

Surface disinfectant spray fogger, deodorizes and kills germs, linen fragrance, treats 6000 cubic feet


De-Scale B - product code # 5035

Concrete cleaner, delimer and descaler, stain remover (bulk)



De-Scale HD -
product code # 5128

Extra heavy duty concrete cleaner, delimer and
descaler, stain remover (bulk)



De-Scale Q - product code # 3060

Concrete cleaner, delimer and descaler,
stain remover (bulk)

Drain Dragon

All-In-One Drain System
(Available in...)


Duz It All - product code # 1090

DUZ-IT-ALL easily removes Graffiti, Dirt, Grime, Indelible Ink, Permanent Marker, Rust, Iron, Calcium Build-Up, Scale, etc. from Restroom Partitions, Desks, Lockers, Walls, Bus and Vehicle Vinyl Seats. DUZ-IT-ALL can be used on Enamel Surfaces, Metal, Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Tile, Vinyl, Formica, Rubber, Painted Wood, Glass, and Cement. DUZ-IT-ALL is an excellent cleaner for non-porous, enameled, and painted surfaces. DUZ-IT-ALL is easy to use, and cleans and polishes in one step.



Eco Seal - product code #3569

ECO SEAL is a uniquely formulated, environmentally friendly sealer designed for use in waterless no flush urinals. ECO SEAL creates a non-soluble seal of a deodorizing liquid in the trap. ECO SEAL also prevents unwanted sewer vapors from backing their way into the air. ECO SEAL has a pleasant cherry fragrance to give instant and long lasting odor control from dried out traps, keeping them wet and odor free. Easy to use, simply add it and forget it.




Metered pulse air freshener, and odor neutralizer, fits
electro mist time dispenser – 100% perfume oil fragrance (aerosol)
(Available in...)


Eliminator - product code # 1155

Bio-enzyme, alive bacteria, total odor eliminator (aerosol)


Formula 007 - product code # 1092

All purpose foaming cleaner (aerosol)


Fragrance Beads

FRAGRANCE BEADS are a new concept in air fresheners. These compact bags can refresh an entire room or office in minutes utilizing the air conditioning or heating system already in use at your facility. This remarkable new technology counteracts foul odors in minutes and replaces them with clean, fresh air and a pleasant fragrance that last for up to 30 days. (Available in 8 fragrances.)


Grout Renew

Grout Tile Restorer
(Available in...)


Invade Air

Total release malodor counteractant
removes odors from 6,000 cubic feet
(Available in...)

(Sweet Tea)


Lavuloso A - product code # 1183

Lavender fragrance, multi-purpose cleaner (aerosol)


Lavuloso B - product code # 3982

Lavender fragrance, multi-purpose cleaner (bulk)


Lavuloso Q - product code # 3983

Lavender fragrance, multi-purpose cleaner (bulk)



Natural citrus drain and sewer line cleaner and deodorizer
(Available in...)


Minty-Bowl B - product code # 5081

Thick mint bowl cleaner 20,35, and 55 Gallons only


Minty-Bowl Q - product code # 3015

Thick mint bowl cleaner (bulk)


Organic Gels w/Fragrance Beads

Micro-encapsulated bead gel deodorizer cups
(Available in...)

Phenomenal Disinfectant Deodorant

PHENOMENAL is an effective disinfectant for hard surfaces for general hospital use, schools, medical, dental and business offices, sickrooms, nursing homes and ambulances. This product will control the following organisms: Salmonella choleraesuis, Staphylococcus aureus, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pyogenes, HIV-1 (associated with AIDS) and tubercle bacilli.
† PHENOMENAL will control mildew growth on fabric for 14 days and on hard surfaces for 21 days.
(Available in...)



Remove Plus - product code # 5577

REMOVE PLUS+ Uratic Salt Remover safely removes uratic salt build-up in pipes while at the same time controlling offensive odors. REMOVE PLUS+ is a blend of special acids that also remove water scale build-up toilet bowls, urinals and all tile surfaces. REMOVE PLUS+ is safe on all plumbing, including PVC plastic and all metal pipes. (quarts).
Bulk 4x1 gallons product code #557741



Re-New B - product code # 5070

Toilet bowl stain remover and rejuvenator,
removes the impossible ring (bulk)



Re-New Q - product code # 3012

Toilet bowl stain remover and rejuvenator,
removes the impossible ring (bulk)


Renovate B - code #5132

Heavy duty tile and grout cleaner (bulk)


Spill Kit - product code # 7176

Absorbent clean up kit



Super 22- product code # 7005

Hanging deodorizer for toilet bowls, lasts up to 30 days


Super Deodorant Fragrances

SUPER APPLE, SUPER ORANGE, SUPER LINEN BREEZE and SUPER PUMPKIN Non-Aerosol Super Concentrated Fragrances are perhaps the most effective and versatile odor counteractants on the market today. Made with Natural Fragrance Oils, this product is not only powerful but it is specifically formulated to last for several days after application. SUPER DEODORANT's unique ability to provide a pleasant fragrance for an extended period of time make it ideal for the areas with the worst odors. SUPER APPLE, ORANGE, LINEN BREEZE and PUMPKIN is the most powerful, most effective malodor counteractant available.



Super Apple - product code #7066


Super Linen Breeze - product code #7082


Super Orange - product code #7063


Super Pumpkin - product code #7083


Super Blue Plus - product code # 7011

Enzymatic toilet bowl cleaner and deodorizer,
turns water blue, no half dozens




Concentrated Non-Liquid Air Freshener

Available in...)




Dome Air Freshener

(Available in...)



Super-Fresh Fragrance Clip

Clip-on Bowl Air Freshener

(Available in...)

Super-Fresh Hang~Ten

Concentrated Non-Liquid Air Freshener

Available in...)


Super-Fresh Super-Cell

Concentrated Non-Liquid Air Freshener

Available in...)



Super-Fresh US-100 - product code # 7069

Flat wave deodorant urinal screens with essential oil fragrance

(Available in...)



Super Tub Scrub - product code # 3027

Shower and tub cleaner (bulk)


The Assistant - product code # 7166

Superco’s multi-purpose cleaner


Thrift-O-Lemon - product code # 5072

One step quaternary cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer (bulk)


Thrift-O-Lemon Q - product code # 3074

One step quaternary cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer (bulk)


Tile Magic B -product code # 5084

Tile and grout cleaner, sassafras fragrance (bulk)


Tile Magic Q - product code # 3016

Tile and grout cleaner, sassafras fragrance (bulk)


Touchdown Deodorant Bars
(commercial size) - product code # 7105C

100% perfume deodorant bars, use in A/C dampers


Touchdown Deodorant Bars
(Regualr size) - product code # 7105R

100% perfume deodorant bars


Urinal / Commode Mats

Disposable Floor Mats
(Available in...)


Urinal Sentry - product code # 7409

Uratic Salt Remover, Cleaner & Deodorizer