Break-Away- product code #1604

BREAK-AWAY is a non-flammable penetrating lubricant used by factories, truck lines, delivery services, transit systems, schools, machine shops, service stations, airlines, air maintenance shops, industrial plants, oil rigs, hotels/motels and general industries to lubricate, free rusted and frozen parts and also to displace moisture to extend the life of equipment that is open to the environment. BREAK-AWAY contains PTFE which provides microscopic lubrication as well as a protective Teflon barrier to inhibit rust and corrosion. (aerosol). (Not available in CA)


Bust A - product code #1616

BUST is a revolutionary product that features fast penetrating action and the power to break free rusted or seized parts. BUST also displaces moisture and is nonflammable and nonconductive making it the ideal penetrating lubricant. (aerosol). (Not available in CA)

Cool Grind - product code # 5061

COOL GRIND is a heavy duty, multipurpose synthetic coolant. It is a state of the art blend of synthetic lubricants and heat reducing additives formulated to provide maximum performance and protection. While COOL GRIND contains no sulfur, chlorine, phenols or nitrites, making it safe to use and easier to dispose of than conventional coolants, it will increase tool life and allow for greater speeds and feeds over a wide range of operations and materials. COOL GRIND also provides excellent rust protection and has an outstanding sump life.


Cool Cut

COOL CUT Cutting and Tapping Fluid is a specially formulated coolant for cutting tools. This product lubricates and cools. Reduces friction in threading, drilling, tapping and reaming applications. Does not contain carbon tetrachloride or sulfur. Reduces heat at its source to ensure cleaner, smoother cuts. COOL CUT protects against rust and corrosion, reduces heat and will extend the life of tools, dies, drill bits and blades. COOL CUT is available in handy aerosol cans or in bulk packaging.
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Cool It

COOL-IT Heat Dissipating Spray has been especially designed to protect and prevent the transfer of heat. COOL-IT is especially designed to be used while brazing, soldering and welding. COOL-IT's clear gel will stay where it's sprayed, then evaporates. COOL-IT is safe to use and will not harm the skin. COOL-IT can also be used as a flame retardant on metal, wood, sheetrock, insulation and much more!.
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Dura Lube A - product code # 1047

DURA LUBE is a mixture of penetrants, antioxidants, oils and greases for use on chain drive equipment, cables and wire rope. This advanced formula reduces friction and wear on moving parts and in all metal to metal applications. A special "Moly" additive increases high temperature and pressure resistance. DURA LUBE penetrates deep inside the core of wire rope to provide superior lubrication at the point of greatest stress. The lubricant stays in place and will not drip or fly off chains and cables during operation. (aerosol)



Easy Slide - product code # 1144

EASY SLIDE Dry Silicone Food Grade Spray is designed to lubricate equipment used in the packaging and processing industy. EASY SLIDE leaves a non-staining, dry, pure silicone film to lubricate moving parts, reducing friction and wear. EASY SLIDE is an excellent product for food processing plants, restaurants, apparel and accessory manufacturing, tank closure seals, plastics, RV dealers, hotels/motels, machine shops, and as a release agent. (aerosol)




F-O-U-R Way - product code # 1714

Non-Flammable penetrating lubricant. Non-Conductive, Non-chlorinated, dielectric strength rating to 30,000 volts. Displaces moisture and breaks loose frozen nuts & bolts. (aerosol)


Formula-25 - product code # 5135

Moisture Guard & Penetrant


Freeze-It-Up - product code # 1171

FREEZE-IT-UP is the latest breakthrough in penetrating lubricant technology. FREEZE-IT-UP is a powerful combination of rapid freezing action coupled with an advanced "rust-eating" formula that easily releases seized or rusted parts. FREEZE-IT-UP's rapid freezing action actually shrinks parts and quickly breaks open micro-fine fissures which allow the lubricant to easily penetrate even the toughest rust. (aerosol)


Graphite Lubricant - product code # 4000

GRAPHITE LUBRICANT is a aerosol, heavy duty, extreme high temperature graphite lube that is easy to use. When used as directed, GRAPHITE LUBRICANT will leave a grease film that not only lubricates, but penetrates deeply into difficult areas to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces. GRAPHITE LUBRICANT remains highly adhesive to metals, provides optimum lubrication at high pressures and under wide temperature variations. GRAPHITE LUBRICANT forms an impenetrable rust and corrosion barrier, is non-dripping, and will not break electrical grounding. (aerosol)


Liqui-Grease - product code # 4018

LIQUI-GREASE penetrates and lubricates difficult to reach surfaces, air cures within 2 minutes and sets up to an extra heavy duty grease that holds up under wide temperature extremes to 450°F and extreme pressure. Earth Friendly LIQUI-GREASE also withstands water, acids, high pressure and is highly rust resistant. By using LIQUI-GREASE your equipment will last longer and longer. New formula is VOC compliant in all 50 states. (aerosol)


Lith-O-Lube - product code # 1043

LITHO-LUBE sprays as a liquid to penetrate working parts, then sets up to a thick heavy duty lubricating grease. Helps flush contaminated lubricant away. White color helps indicate lubricated areas and reduce staining of clothes. Resists temperatures to 350° F. Excellent for automotive, aircraft, marine, farm, shop and industrial applications. (aerosol)


Loosen-Up - product code # 4002

Organic penetrating oil, low odor excellent for use on air conditioning dampers


Lubri-Dry A - product code #1028

LUBRI-DRI is a superior dry lubricant that will withstand hi-pressure and is suitable for use within a wide temperature range. This advanced formula contains tiny particles of Colloidal Molybdenum Disulfide that average less than one micron in size. This thin, grayish-black film adheres well to all metals, most plastics, glass and rubber and provides excellent lubrication under extreme conditions. (aerosol)


Nut-Buster Cherry - product code #1794

NUT-BUSTER CHERRY is a unique, 4-in-1 penetrating lubricant designed for the professional mechanic. This remarkable formula does the four important things necessary for a penetrant to work well. NUT-BUSTER displaces moisture, cuts through grease & grime, creeps and climbs parts by using its strong capillary action and breaks loose seized and rusted parts. Without these capabilities a penetrating lubricant will not work in all situations where parts are rusted, greasy and/or wet. NUT-BUSTER not only works better than other penetrating sprays, it also features a pleasant cherry fragrance. (aerosol).


Pentrait Plus
- product code # 1093

PENTRAIT PLUS Penetrating Oil is an advanced formula that combines deep penetration with long lasting lubrication. PENTRAIT PLUS is fortified with Teflon and molybdenum disulfide, the two most advanced solid lubricants. These materials are added to a blend of petroleum oils and penetrating agents to provide fast action and excellent power to loosen rusted or corroded part. PENTRAIT PLUS preserves metal and protects these surfaces from rust, corrosion and moisture. The Teflon and moly added to the formula give superior lubrication that remains long after the oils evaporate. (aerosol)


Super Gear Lube A - product code # 1035

SUPER GEAR LUBE is a super concentrated, waterproof and weather resistant open gear lubricant that is formulated with special tackifiers to promote good adhesion and cohesion. With SUPER GEAR LUBE, as the gears move, part of the lubricant is transferred from one surface to the other to ensure that mating surfaces are properly coated. In addition, excess lubricant is carried by the machine's operation, gear to gear, throughout the system making it possible to lubricate areas that are difficult to access. SUPER GEAR LUBE aerosol is packaged in a high pressure can that will shoot a jet stream of approximately 8 feet giving the user the ability to hit hard to reach areas. (aerosol)


Super Lube Food Grade

SUPER LUBE FOOD GRADE A Food Grade Grease is a unique product that features the load carrying ability and high temperature resistance normally associated with moly based lubricants, conveniently packaged in an aerosol spray can. SUPER LUBE FOOD GRADE A is USDA H1 approved for use in food processing areas where incidental food contact is possible. This makes it the ideal spray lubricant to be used in a wide range of industrial operations that deal with any type of food related manufacturing, preparation, processing or packaging. In addition, plants involved in the manufacturing of food handling equipment, such as vending machines and restaurant equipment, would use SUPER LUBE FOOD GRADE A. Even though there may not be any food items present in the equipment manufacturing process, when the equipment goes into service, and the food is present, the lubricant used at the factory needs to be food grade. SUPER LUBE FOOD GRADE A also features a high level of purity which makes it ideal for production plants that manufacture hospital and pharmaceutical equipment.
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Super Lube High Temp - product code # 7050

SUPER LUBE HIGH TEMP is a non-melt grease that will perform at temperatures of up to 550° F. SUPER LUBE HIGH TEMP's exceptional adhesive/cohesive properties and anti-wear additives makes this grease ideal for high-rpm applications and more. SUPER LUBE HIGH TEMP will not wash, run, drip or fly out of bearings or fittings. . SUPER LUBE HIGH TEMP is water-proof and serves as an effective barrier against dust, dirt and other harsh contaminates.
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Super Lube Impact

SUPER LUBE IMPACT Super Impact Grease is a high performance multipurpose grease specifically designed for high pressure and heavy impact applications. Fortified with special additives, SUPER LUBE IMPACT will stay in place under extreme pressure conditions such as; lifts, elevators, cranes, fifth wheel plates, hydraulics, heavy load bearings & wheels, conveyors, marine applications, etc. This advanced formula surpasses all commercial or specialty greases in the ability to withstand weight, heat, water and chemicals.
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Super Lube Lithium - product code #7113

SUPER LUBE LITHIUM is a premium grade heavy duty industrial grease designed for extended service life under high-speed applications. Resists thinning or hardening in service, which minimizes leakage and prolongs the service life of the grease. SUPER LUBE LITHIUM is an advanced technology lithium complex base grease formulated with the most up to date additive system. It has a dropping point well above 500°F, is extremely stable under high or low temperature conditions. It is an excellent centralized lubricant system grease because of excellent shear stability and pumpability over a broad temperature range.


Super Lube Moly - product code # 7017

SUPER LUBE MOLY is a non-melt gray colored lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. This product is fortified to provide anti-wear and low friction performance through a wide temperature range. The molybdenum disulfide contained in SUPER LUBE MOLY reduces friction and protects against excessive wear, from extreme loads, galling and seizing. The moly "plates-out" on metal surfaces, imparting extra protection to the parts and extending the lubrication cycle. SUPER LUBE MOLY is exceptionally resistant to most acids, salt spray, steam, dirt, dust, water, oxidation and weather.


Super Lube Ultra High Temp - product code # 7585

SUPER LUBE ULTRA HIGH TEMP is three useful maintenance compounds in one: 1. A high temperature anti-seize compound from -30°F to +2200°F. 2. A high temperature anti-friction bearing and slide lubricant with no known dropping point, capable of extreme pressure high speed capabilities to 350°F and low-speed high temperature dry film lubrication to 1500°F (Low RPM bearing applications only). 3. A protective coating for highly corrosive service in high-temperature applications from -30°F to +1000°F.


Super PTF Lube A - product code # 1060

SUPER PTF LUBE is a chemically inert, non-oily, fast-drying lubricant and release agent made with an extremely fine Teflon ® fluorotelomer powder. This product features outstanding microscopic film-forming properties and resists temperatures from -100° F to +500° F. An odorless, stainless coating that is more slippery than silicone, graphite or oil. Excellent for reducing low speed friction. The dry film is not affected by most chemicals and when used as a release agent, allows parts to be painted without cleaning. (aerosol)


Super Slide - product code # 1056

SUPER SLIDE High Viscosity Silicone Spray is a product designed for many uses. SUPER SLIDE is a dry, invisible lubricant that also repels dust and moisture. This characteristic makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas like: sliding glass doors, entry doors and locks, hinges on doors and shutters, trash can wheels and lids, trash chutes and doors, restroom stall doors, etc. Use SUPER SLIDE to properly and safely maintain escalator skirts and elevator door sensors. SUPER SLIDE dries clear and will not adversely affect wood or painted surfaces. Use SUPER SLIDE to quickly waterproof areas like ignition systems, battery terminals, tools, guns, spark plugs, signs, etc. This spray is an easy solution to squeaking drawers and cabinets and can also be used on weather stripping and window guides. SUPER SLIDE's unique dry formula is perfect for any area where a greasy or oily lubricant is unusable or undesirable. (aerosol)


Tacky A - product code # 1115

TACKY Super Penetrant is a very unique and highly specialized lubricant. TACKY is a clear, translucent color that is almost invisible, ideal for areas where red or black greases would be unsightly. TACKY shares many of the characteristics of high temp heavy lubricants such as superior adhesion, tackifiers (commonly referred to as "legs"), and high pressure additives. Good adhesion keeps the lubricant in place and prevents "fly-off" and dripping off. The tackifiers keep the grease "stringy", the process of transference which keeps the lubricant distributed onto both mating surfaces, to insure no metal-to-metal contact. High pressure additives allow the grease to remain in between two surfaces even under extreme pressures possibly reaching 50,000 to 100,000 pounds per square inch. (aerosol)


Tool Jewel - product code # 1121

TOOL JEWEL is a cleaner and lubricating agent that is specifically designed for use with air powered tools and motors. TOOL JEWEL eliminates calcium buildup from moisture in air lines, dissolves sludge, dirt and dust accumulation, lubricates and protects all moving parts, and restores air tools to peak power and RPM's. Use TOOL JEWEL regularly for preventative maintenance to cut downtime and costly repairs. (aerosol)




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